Sports Vision

"Vision is more than 20/20, but how many of us train the eyes?"

The concept of Sports Vision is a relatively simple oneThe eyes feed sensory information to the brain, the brain interprets and integrates the visual data with other sensory information, then sends out appropriate motor signals to the muscles.

Brain lady

Vision skills are essential to success in most sports. Visual sensory input may account for 85-90% of the sensory input the athlete is receiving during participation. If visual skills are lacking, your performance will always suffer. This may lead to breakdown and injury due to your movement patterns being compromised.

The four skills of sport vision are:

  • Visual Resolution "good eyes."
  • Depth Judgement "can you tell where a target is in relation to everything around it?"
  • Eye Movements "can you follow a target and shift between targets whilst still seeing them clearly."
  • Peripheral Vision "how much and how well can you see what you are not looking at."

Current research supports the view that a combination of all of the above should form the basis of building better and faster athletes via the visual system.

Alan believes this is the missing link in your goal for improved performance.

  • Sports Injuries
  • Joint / Muscle Pain
  • Pre / Post Surgery Rehab
  • Neuromuscular Re-education
  • Scar / Tattoo Evaluation
  • Sports Vision Evaluation / Training
  • Respiration Assessment / Breathing Drills
  • Functional Gait Assessments
  • Neurological Testing
  • Elite Performance Solutions
Alan treated me throughout my England rugby career using his “hands on” advanced soft tissue techniques. This helped me when playing and with my recovery after a game. I have no doubt this gave me ‘an edge’ to my playing performance. I felt Alan was always ahead of the game with his approach to treating... read more

Mark Regan, MBE. England British Lions.

8 years ago I took up the sport of Triathlon, ranging from Sprint, Olympic. Half lronman and Full lronman distance. During this time I have inevitably picked up injuries. Alan has always been able to diagnose the problem very quickly and treat accordingly, he also takes time to give advice as to what I should or... read more

Abigail White

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Lawrence Nash

Alan’s unbeatable knowledge of the human body, together with his holistic approach, set him apart from the rest. Not only does he have a life-time of experience and training in sports injuries and recovery, he’s also constantly updating his already encyclopaedic skills and knowledge with the very latest, exciting and cutting-edge courses. He’s got magic... read more

Dr. Alex Rotas

I have been a regular client of Alan’s for the past 10 years. As a professional dressage rider it is extremely important that I am physically balanced, supple and in tune with my body. Alan helps maintain this for me and I find him a very positive influence. read more

Nicola Cooper

I first saw Alan to help treat a nagging knee injury. Within one 30 minute session my knee was markedly improved. Since then I have visited him anytime I have experienced an injury, each time coming away considerably improved if not cured. Due to his work I have also experienced vast improvements in performance, most... read more

Paul Millard 1-2-1 and Group Fitness Instructor

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Nick Furneaux

I had a C-sec in March and as part of the healing process was advised to have scar treatment by Sports Therapist & Scar Rehab expert Alan Muckle based at David Lloyd Centre in Long Ashton (07721 484213). The results have been amazing! My scar is already feint. I have all sensation back in that area and generally feel... read more

Lisa Bryant

I have known Alan for approximately 8 years during which time he has treated a wide variety of my injuries sustained while training and competing in many different sports. He has extensive knowledge and keeps up to date with current research, new theories and treatment so that he can provide his clients with the very... read more

Emily Diamond, Olympic Athlete

Having spent the last couple of years being treated by Alan, I feel in the perfect position to comment on his technical ability and professionalism.  Firstly having seen a number of sports physios over the years, Alan’s abilities are second to none. His understanding of human anatomy and the nervous system is incredibly comprehensive and... read more

Mike Dilger Naturalist, TV Presenter and Author

As a keen golfer with an intermittent back problem over the last couple of years, I have had recommended to me and seen many physiotherapists without much success of being pain free. In October 2014 I went to see Alan. I took Alan’s advice regarding exercises and stretches and after just 3 sessions there was... read more

Michael Turner

Alan has completely changed my body showing me the true meaning of smart training. From the first session, issues I had suffered with for years were resolved. My performance instantly improved without any increase in training. Alan has simply allowed my body to work without the barriers that it previously had. i am confident that I... read more

Llewellyn Holmes, Team GB Xterra Pro Elite Triathlete

Since being treated by Alan and following his advice i have gained noticeable strength in the gym along with improved power and stamina in martial arts classes. A few simple exercises and movements l was shown seemed to almost instantly have improved my balance, strength and posture. Compound exercises such as deadlifts have increased significantly. I... read more

Tom Hayes